This programme aimed to equip participants with important experiential learning, essential for helping them educate their groups/pupils/teams in starting their own small business with as little capital as possible and in some cases without any capital at all. The objective was to create opportunities for those less fortunate to be able to make an income of some sort based on their situation. The idea was to give as many solutions as possible for the problems they face and offering the disadvantageous people a choice of which avenue to follow and also the potential to grow a business. Trainers, youth workers and social workers will be able to pass this knowledge on to the groups in their society and help them build from there onwards. These people can also assist the community to form a network of supply and demand within their community. We also aim to look at international markets and how to target them in the most cost effective method.
The project was initiated by young people of two countries, the spanish group which will also be hosting partner of thos exchange and a group from Poland. The the project's theme stems from the stage of life, on which the participants are and is associated with the situation of young people in the labor market, both national and european level as well as the need for personal development that will increase their job future prospects.
Activities will be related to the presentation and exchanging ideas about the education system in both countries, situation on the labor market in general and the situation of young people in this market. It will also gives opportunity to talk to the opportunities offered by membership of the European Union in terms of mobility. During the project participants will also discuss the programs, activities and initiatives implemented by EU funds primarily from the Longlife Learning Programe, allowing for professional development and personal young people.
The hosting partner are young people  focused around the activities of PLAN COMUNITARIO ONDA COLOR. The hosting organization PLAN COMUNITARIO ONDA COLOR is part of the big project around associacion PLAN COMUNITARIO PALMA PALMILLA PROYECTO HOGAR which activity is related to social issues, including the social engagement of young people in deferent aspects. Sending partner is a group of young people participating in special classes focused in media education in ZSG-H in Torun.
The project will involve 10 young people from Spain, which between 22 and 29 April 2014 will host 10 young people from Poland to implement planned action and achieve the planned objectives.
Through several activities (geocasching, visits in local organizations, presentation of Project results among local community by the readio program and meeting) project will also affect in a positive way the local community.
The main golas of the project are:
- creating an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude  among young people
- making participant aware of importance of proactive atittude in searching opportunities to develope professional career,
- strengthening self-esteem through a wide range of actions and activities in international groups
- increasing confidence in communicating in a foreign language
- making participants aware about possibility of an open european labor market
- discover strengths and weaknesses of the participants through participation in competence test, which will let to discover their abilities and direct them in to the right direction after the workshop
- reinforce of understanding among young people similarities and differences of the situation of young people at risk of unemployment in Poland and Spain;
- getting familiar with the cultures of the two countries and to verify existing stereotypes about both nationalities

 The main objectives and priorities of the project will be implemented using a variety of methods and techniques of non-formal education. Youth will have the opportunity to present the education and the labor market situation in the two countries with the use of multimedia tools such as dynamic presentations prezi. Exchange also provides possiblity to create resumes, determining their weak
and weaknesses and the advantages and disadvantages through competency test.

 As a result, this will allow participants get familar with rules of creating applications documents, will also help to prepare to the future interviews and self - presentation, both in the individual meetings and during public appearances (each day will be completed with evaluation, in which each person will have a chance to present their thoughts and results of the day). It will also increase the confidence of participants through the discovery of potential and possibilities all of them have.

 The exchange also provides possiblity of organizing and implementing the international business activity and in this way young people will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions related to the seting up small enterprises, includin marketing plan, searching and establishig target group, preparing promotion tool as radio anouncement, posters etc. It will stimulate entreprenership attitude and will show that their life also depends on activities undertaken by them and ideas they will impement in their life. This part of exchange will be proceed in mixed small international group of 4 or 5 person. The goal is to prepare Project of international small enterprises (abbreviated business plan) implementation of marketing and promotion as well as the presentation of results on the last day of the exchange. In the implementation of this part of the workshop, each group will be created as a result a short advertising spot scenario using the free sound editing program AUDACITY, which will then be recorded in a professional studio, radio broadcasting ONDA COLOR.
Variety of activities and implementing various atractive elements such as commercial of advertisement in a real radio will increase attractiveness and by this involvement of participants. As a result, will also increase effectiveness, efficiency and durability of the impact of the exchange.
Lots of activities were planned in order to enable the full integration of the participants, including a team game: Geocaching – game which goal is treasure hunt using a GPS receiver (to play it Just mobile with Internet Access is required). There i salso planned a cultural evening, where each group will have the opportunity to present their country using various of deferent  tools, such as karaoke, presentations, costumes, food and other aspects of culture so that it will increase the knowledge of the two countries among the participants.

 One of the component of the project will also be a trip to a local organization ARRABEL and presentation about its activities related to employment and social activization.